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In 2013, Shari & Edgar opened Whistle Emporium.  The store brings together the decades of working in retail to support our lives as artists.  Shari’s art and design are ever present in her painted works,  jacquard woven blankets and the creativity of the product mix and merchandising.  Edgar’s work in the theatre and in film are referenced in the historic scenic paintings and the music we play in the store.  Although Edgar passed away in 2016 his spirit and love lives on in our hearts.

The brick and mortar location is full of a wide variety of items.  Shari searches high and low to find interesting and fun items to make great gifts to give and receive.

Developing a website that re-creates the experience of visiting the store and display the ever-changing  inventory is a challenge.  With that in mind we welcome customers inquiries in order to help to present more options.  One of the many beautiful things about living and working in rural Vermont is that we often have time to get to know our customers.

Local customers enjoy chatting and listening to music when they are shopping at Whistle.  Web shopping experiences are a very different environment.  We encourage you to turn on some great music and take a look see.  If you are thinking about something a little different, give us a call during our business hours and we’ll help as much as we can with suggestions of the latest most popular goodies, gadgets and games.

Give a little whistle, won’t you?