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Crystalline Healing Bracelet

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Made with 12 crystals specifically curated for healing and wellness. Card back includes information about healing foundations, energy clearing, and suggested healing affirmations. The bracelet is made of round, genuine crystal beads, combining matte and polished crystals – with 22 matte finished crystals, alongside a polished clear quartz bead and point.

Bracelet Features:
– 22 matte finished crystals
– 1 polished clear quartz point
– 1 polished clear quartz round bead
– information about healing foundations, energy clearing, and suggested healing affirmations
– bracelet is 7.5” in circumference – fits most adult wrists

White marble – calms + grounds unsettled energy
Peach agate druzy – protects heart + stabilizes emotions
Botswana agate – soothes tension + helps release grief
Green fluorite – refreshes + purifies energy
Mahogany obsidian – rejuvenates + inspires new dreams and desires
Hematite – balances emotions + assists in memory recall
Snowflake obsidian – offers gentle guidance + provides clarity on life’s journey
Chevron amethyst – nurtures metamorphosis + tranquility
Smoky quartz – grounds anxious thinking + inspires spirituality
Labradorite – clears auras + encourages optimism
Amazonite – fosters harmony + compassion
Clear quartz – the master healer: clears + amplifies the crystals around it

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