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Hobnail glass hand poured fragranced candle – 16oz./100 hours



These lovely & luminous are made using one of the most beloved and popular decorative patterns from the era,”hobnail glass”.  It is easily recognizable, with its bumpy surface. So ubiquitous was the design that it would have been rare to visit a home in the 1940s and ’50s that did not have at least one vase or candy dish with a hobnail pattern.  K. Hall Studio has filled them with 100% vegetable based wax grown by American Farmers.  Each candle is made using renewable resources.  We have chosen a rainbow of 6 colored Hobnail glasses that measure 5″ high, and are 4″ at the top diameter tapering to 3″ diameter at the base.  They are fabulously fragranced, hand-poured in the USA  and each 16oz candle has a cotton core wick that will burn up to 100 hours. K. Hall is based in St. Louis, Missouri and all of their products are free from parabens, petrochemical surfactants and are cruelty free.

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Hobnail Glass Vase/Candle

Grapefruit/Hobnail Glass, Lavender Candle/ Hobnail Glass, Lemongrass & Tea Tree/Hobnail Glass, Meyer Lemon/Hobnail Glass, Plum/Hobnail Glass, Spanish Lime/Hobnail Glass


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