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Nature Meditations Deck • Kenya Jackson-Saulters

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Tap into the restorative powers of the natural world with the Nature Meditations Deck. It contains 60 cards with bite-size meditations or visualization practices to help you connect to nature.

  • Each card helps you create a moment of calm and clarity in your day, whether you’re sitting under a tree in the backyard, strolling through a park or gazing out your window
  • Delivered in an attractive, portable box filled with illustrated cards—a lovely gift or self-purchase for nature lovers, meditators and anyone seeking stress relief
  • This deck offers valuable practices in an accessible format, providing users of all levels everything they need to begin to bring balance, focus and calm to everyday life
  • A great tool individuals who are curious about mindfulness but aren’t sure where to start
  • Written by Atlanta-based Kenya Jackson-Saulters, cofounder of the Outdoor Journal Tour and We Hike to Heal
  • These organizations empower people to heal, grow and thrive through mindfulness teachings and outdoor activities
  • Illustrated by Sacree Frangine—a creative duo comprising French illustrators and childhood friends Celia Amroune and Aline Kpade

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