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STRANGE ATTRACTOR • Magnetic Storms Thinking Putty

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Strange attractor is the name of a mathematical equation that is commonly part of chaos theory. This equation creates a fractal—a never ending, non-repeating pattern within a dynamic system. Basically, a strange attractor has a mind of its own and creates beautiful patterns in design, art, and nature.

Strange Attractor Thinking Putty® has a mind of its own as well. A deep, mysterious black with subtle green sparkles, it comes alive when charged with the included magnet.

Age 8+ due to warning for kids who could swallow strong magnet included.

This Thinking Putty is the Original & Best from Crazy Aarons, Norristown, PA

Made and packaged in the USA!

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 7.75 × 4.25 × 1.5 in


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