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TREE BINGO • up to 8 players

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Everyone will love this traditional game featuring 64 of the world’s best loved and most fascinating trees!  Magma for Laurence King | Illustrated by Holly Exley

  • PLAY AND LEARN this bingo game comes with an illustrated booklet filled with interesting information and quirky facts for all 64 trees featured in the game. Learn about familiar trees such as the chestnut, oak, magnolia, and ash, as well as lesser known species like the blue quandong and dragon’s blood.
  • EASY TO PLAY: Each player gets a game card with 25 trees: be the first to get all the trees on your card to win BINGO!
  • GREAT GIFT! Tree Bingo is perfect for nature or conservation lovers of all ages, for families who love playing games, and for families who enjoy spending quality time together!
  • SCREEN FREE FUN for up to 12 players, recommended for ages 6+. Comes with bingo board measuring 428x498mm (16.85×19.6 ins) when laid out, 12-game boards, 64 tree chips, 200 counters, keepsake cloth bag to store chips and 16-page booklet

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